Make Way I say

No way will you do 40 posts by Easter – said DH. Now the last time he laid down a challenge it was a month before our wedding. And it was another No way comment. No way will you lose a stone before we marry. To his credit, he did add – not that you need to. That time we put money on it. He hadn’t allowed for the effortless 7 lbs any bride loses in the week before she’s wed and I collected £100. His comment this am was flippant and not said as a challenge though it did motivate me to squeeze this post in tonight. I’m going to grade my days – maybe with a colour, a symbol, a score or an emoticon. Though I don’t always post late in the day so that won’t always work. I could base it on that moment in time.

Last night I reached under my bed and gave my book ‘The artists way’ a reassuring pat. That was enough. Contact made. Back for more another day. And here’s another book I’m eager to get in to my stable: Now, Discover Your Strengths: How to Develop Your Talents and Those of the People You Manage. It came as a recommendation months ago and has stayed buried in an email. I ordered it today (applause). It could have been with me tomorrow. But I get free p & p by waiting a week. It will get a better reception then.

Blue sky thinking …not yet?

Blue sky – with ripples

 The relief I felt on waking up from my dream/nightmare this am and realising that I wasn’t being frogmarched to the local department store to take up a position as a sales clerk (gift counter but lunch cover on haberdashery ) after all was short lived as I woke up to my own groundhog reality.  I still have little idea of where I’m heading.  I am the driver of my own destiny.  Trouble is I’m the carjacker too.  More power to the pieds!  Dust down my boots and just walk the walk.

It’s easy to forget to look up.  Yesterday  my son and I dwadled down a street of  Victorian terrace conversions.  Most were three stories. From the footpath I peered through sash windows at plush interiors – some minimalist, some quirky, all enviable.  And then I looked up and feasted on this sky.  Like all those clouds on my horizon were lining up for me to shoo them on their way…in my own time and fashion.  Read the signs.