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Eyes on the Leprachaun to get the pot of gold

Our black recycle bin (bottles, plastic and aluminum) is already full to the brim. It never has been before. Mostly bottles of beer and Prosecco with some cans of Draught […]

It’s been raining favours

My last hair cut was a Groupon offer but even that levy now seems a little steep with no obvious income stream in place – yet. Though I have had […]

Even lesser likely to get drunk

A few posts back I mentioned how I ‘acquired’ an Amethyst heart ring. That sounds dodgy. It wasn’t. I purchased it but for only a fiver – so it’s a […]

Still reading zero on the smellometer

=/ I’ve self diagnosed and I appear to be suffering from anosmia (can’t smell) which is making hypogeusia (can’t taste) kick in. I’m guessing brought on by my Hayfever or I […]

concrete bungle

:o) Well the concrete brick that was on my head when I wrote the last post is gone.  It must have lodged itself there when I took the anti-histamine for […]

low score

 If this post carried an emoticon, it would look like this (:-  Colour would be black and score would be 1.  Dragged myself to zumba class today and it was a […]