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This didn’t end up being a penance post after all

This is not a sponsored post.  This is a penance post.  Masochists might enjoy reading on.  I said I’d do 40 posts during Lent so by gum I will.  I […]

It didn’t matter that Nothing happened -cos it did kindof.

What if I am being prompted and beckoned by ‘opportunities’,   daily  even, but I’m just not tuned in to the right frequency.  How tragic would that be? Though how […]

My Phoenix is rising…. fingers crossed

It didn’t happen back in March 2011 (when I started my blog) nor in Jan 2012 (Resolution opportunity) so maybe the 40 day stretch that starts today with Ash Wednesday […]

Toothache or earthquake?

If health is wealth, ¬†toothache is destitution. Today I’m poorly. I was one of those kids who made it to her 6 monthly appointments yet rarely walked away with just […]

Sins of the father

There’s something very grown-up about attending a parent-teacher meeting.  Or at least there is in the pre-attending stage when you might mention it to your mum on the phone or […]


A pal’s water breaks…can I take her sons while she makes the hospital dash. I hop from the bed I’d taken to a couple of hours earlier, weak with menstrual […]