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Regrets…I’ve had a few

I have felt held back by the memory of paths I’ve not walked, of leads I’ve not followed.  But this very day as I thread treacle (just like I did […]

Goodness pugnacious me!

It probably started on Sunday.  We missed our usual church service and  to ease my conscience I made a plea to myself that I could always catch the 5 o’clock […]

Sometimes I glimpse a life I’d love more of….

My dad was bemused when I said I was celebrating my wedding anniversary by going to see Jimmy Carter in conversation with Jon Snow.  Yes, the ex-American president, yes he’s […]

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Maybe because my daughter is 7, the same aged version of my former self pops in to my head quite a lot these days.  Dungaree clad, in my pokka dot […]

My tower of self help books grows daily

Suggestion is mighty powerful.  Placebo’s work on me.  I get seasick standing on the shore.  And the queasy stomach I associate with long road journeys starts paces from the car. […]