Consomme – not!

I’ve had a lot of hopes for my blog.  I’m not going to list them here now but I’ll know myself if this blog is living up to them so that maybe at some point I can match it all up. Clear as soup, right?!

For too many years to own up to, I’d been sitting in an office slowly wilting. I’d love to say I had the balls to walk out.  I didn’t.  Then a glimmer of hope came with the offer of redundancy.  My job no longer existed so I didn’t even have to make that call.  What a gift! A decent redundancy package and I’m free to really take a shot at finding ‘my purpose’.  So that’s where I’m at.

When all this kicked off, some months ago,  I spotted a basket of keyrings by the till in a charity shop.  Most likely old stock from a shop in receivership. You get that a lot in this store.  I was drawn to a heart shaped disc supporting a green gem stone and attached to a card with a verse on Motivation.  A couple of quid later and it was mine.  My house keys still had the cheap plastic disk displaying the name of the agent we bought our home through 5 years ago.  (You getting a picture of me yet?).  Before I’d left the shop, I had replaced the old keyring with my lucky talisman.  And I felt great.  I should have done it years ago.