My 7 year-old asks me if Santa will have activated his Christmas list. He’s getting too much stick as a Chelsea supporter and wants to support Man U instead. Can […]

Message in a bottle (making an exhibition of myself)

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Spotted in my local library…chances of finding my name – not the most common – on a book leaf in a bottle. I’m still working out the message there for […]

Eating up can help combat world hunger #ClearAPlate


When I was a girl my mother used to say “Eat up – there are people dying of hunger who’d kill for your dinner” (or words to that effect). It […]

A girl after my own heart – I hope it’s a pony!

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I love this card (thanks Naomi!). I’m sure she’s got her pony by now though not from her pal in the braids. There’s so much joy to be had in […]

A birthday well spent

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Birthdays are like new note pads – full of promise and expectation. Hey, my sentiments could be on a greeting card. Though they are bubblegum compared to Emerson’s. I received […]

The gift that keeps on giving – Blogfest 2014

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Truly one of the highlights on my social calendar, this is my (and mumsnet’s) third blogfest. Always held in early November, my ticket is a birthday gift. This year to […]