Time travelling

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To visit my childhood home I travel across the Irish sea and the breadth of the country and I’m prepared for that. It’s a journey that throws up familiar sights […]

I didn’t have to look far for today’s shot of Magic


  On a cold wet day. Heading to the library when I decided to drop in to a local pub for a hot drink recalling that J.K.Rowling wrote her books […]


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MAGIC…a fortnight in to our new year and my word companion for 2015 has landed fully formed.  It started off as BELIEF and has morphed into MAGIC. I wasn’t totally […]

A good year


It’s got to be my favourite day  - January 1st  - though now it’s spreading to the Eve too because of the anticipation and the ritual I weave into those […]



My 7 year-old asks me if Santa will have activated his Christmas list. He’s getting too much stick as a Chelsea supporter and wants to support Man U instead. Can […]

Message in a bottle (making an exhibition of myself)

Spotted in my local library…chances of finding my name – not the most common – on a book leaf in a bottle. I’m still working out the message there for […]