Our fortuitous river work-outs

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Staying active and on the move underpins one of our favourite days out – a meander by the river and the serendipity the journey will throw in our path. On […]

Art attack

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What’s an acceptable time for me to hold on to the art work my children brought  from school this week? It’s bin day tomorrow and I am fighting the urge […]

Tip toe

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Last Monday I learnt from my FB feed that Dermot Healy, Irish writer and Sligo resident, compared to Beckett and highly rated by Seamus Heaney, died. Suddenly. Prematurely (he was […]

Luck out – here I stay


  I don’t trust my gut anymore. You know that inner voice we know we should listen to.  The teller of truths. The wise one.  The niggles you should have […]

The writing’s on the wall….

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Last weekend placed me in Bristol for the final stage of a course I began over fourteen months ago on Creative writing for wellbeing and reflective practice.  The directive was […]


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Last Tuesday a toffee eclair plucked my tooth clear away from my gum. A terrifying tongue sweep followed. It felt awful hollow in my mouth. As I attempted to retrieve […]