When even muffins fail – disappointment at the school gate


Last Friday I took a bag of chocolate chip muffins with me to the school gate when I wouldn’t normally. But it wasn’t a normal day – not in my […]



In that half way house between sleeping and waking,  an old slide projector played in my head. I saw seascape, pastures, an orchard before the picture formed of my bedroom […]

Picture this…

Yesterday I spied 7 trucks parked on the curb opposite a church.  They were loaded with floral tributes to commemorate the passing of a local traveller. On board and made […]

A week in pictures…

photo (92)

Sunday treat – blow a pound at the sweet cafe… Avoiding the summer slide – reading with Papa who’s over from Ireland for the week How many cooks does it […]

Our fortuitous river work-outs

photo (83)

Staying active and on the move underpins one of our favourite days out – a meander by the river and the serendipity the journey will throw in our path. On […]

Art attack

photo (78)

What’s an acceptable time for me to hold on to the art work my children brought  from school this week? It’s bin day tomorrow and I am fighting the urge […]