Good medicine

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I haven’t blogged for a few weeks. I’ve been struggling with hay fever compounded by post nasal drip (PND – self diagnosis via the internet but it makes sense) where […]

The perils of travelling light

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(This post was written for the Mark Warner and Kiddicare blogging challenge (# 1)) Having worked in the airlines for years I’m the queen of light travelling, my mantra in […]

Mothering -a work in progress

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I am the first one up in my house. This makes receiving breakfast in bed torturous.  I knew from over-hearing snatched conversations, and from previous years, that this would be […]

A pleasant Saturday

On Saturday the London chapter of my therapeutic writing body met at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden. One of our number delivered a workshop with colour prompts. We were […]

I’ve had “the chat”

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Maybe I’ve been prompted by the flowering of the blossom trees though its been on my mind for some time. Probably since her observations on the survival of the species […]

Turning 10 in style

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We might just have thrown the perfect birthday party for a ten-year old girl. It was in the planning for some time and executed on Sunday. A shopping and sipping […]