One of a kind?


Like a lot of my pals I worry about my parents managing in a world so different to the one they negotiated at ease in their prime. Though in their […]

To ensure happy endings…keep your family safe online


Last year I ticked off a parental milestone when I had “the chat” with my daughter. We covered periods, sex, contraception, love and respect. A lot for a ten-year old […]

Face-diving into flans and other party games – creating birthday fun and havoc


Since having my kids we’ve clocked up 18 birthday parties between the pair. Only a handful of those involved professional entertainers and hall hire. Amber’s sixth party is note-worthy.We shared […]

Names…branding for life


Naming is a serious business. As soon as I knew I was expecting I started my search. Really the process started long before that. In the rain forests of Guatemala. […]

Generous to a fault

match attax

My boy has always been generous with his friends. Their wish his command. So a child expresses an interest in his toy and he’ll hand it over and not just […]

Time travelling

diaries inside

To visit my childhood home I travel across the Irish sea and the breadth of the country and I’m prepared for that. It’s a journey that throws up familiar sights […]