Dare to


Yesterday’s blustery winds and showers blew us rainbows. I dashed to the cafe to get DH a coffee and pastry making it back to the station platform with minutes to […]

I hear you, I hear you (the universe is calling)

diary 2

As a teenager in the throes of OCD I found signs everywhere. The world was speaking to me and with no filter I found it overwhelming and deafening. Crippling. So […]

Killing two birds with one stone – a winning combination?

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The week Mark Warner Holidays announced their third blogger challenge I attended a maths information evening at my children’s school where we were encouraged to make maths come alive for our kids. […]


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I woke up this morning thinking about Scaffolding. I’d the word in my head yesterday too though I went to bed on a cliff hanger. My fingers dug into the […]

When even muffins fail – disappointment at the school gate


Last Friday I took a bag of chocolate chip muffins with me to the school gate when I wouldn’t normally. But it wasn’t a normal day – not in my […]



In that half way house between sleeping and waking,  an old slide projector played in my head. I saw seascape, pastures, an orchard before the picture formed of my bedroom […]